May 2012 Weddings

Invites are out!!! MOH update also.

I'm so excited they went out in the mail this morning!! Big hugs to my good friend/Photog who was kind enough to help out when the MOH backed out. It turned out to be a good work session as we not only got the invites knocked out, We also decided on all of the shots we are going to do and came up with a tentative time line!!

As for the MOH update... we did have our heart to heart chat and she has decided to take a step down as MOH/Bridesmaid. She simply told me that she doesn't feel up for any of the responsibilty and would rather be just a guest. *sigh... more drama* But yay for me as I didn't have to excuse her from the wedding party as I was planning, she did the work for me. So anyhoo, at this point in the game, I am not adding anyone else to the wedding, I am simply going to be one short. No worries, as my other BM's are ten times the one she wasn't! :) It's good to know who has really got your back!

Re: Invites are out!!! MOH update also.

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