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Sash, or no sash...

that is my question.  I really wanted to take the "boob" flower off of my dress so I can wear a sash, but it seems as though it's not something that can be done because there is just mesh underneath (I still have to confirm this, though).  Here is my gown:

Would it look strange if I added a beaded/rhinestone belt?  Not something too wide, I'm thinking no more than 1-2".  I feel like my dress is a little plain, and I want to add some "spice".

However, I also don't want to look like I'm wearing too much!  This is my jewelry:

I will not be wearing a bracelet or any other jewelry besides these.  I will be wearing my hair up like this, and wearing a feather fascinator:

Too much, or is adding a sash okay?  Thanks, I appreciate (and trust) your opinions!

Re: Sash, or no sash...

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