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ok. So a friend of mine who is a few years older got engaged about 2 months after me and FI. They had been together like 6 months total, but had been broken up for a while...dont get me started. They'll be engaged longer than their relationship prior to being engaged...

Anywho...they set a date for a month before ours just because she felt the need to be married before me.

That wouldn't be so bad, but now she's copying everything I'm doing!! She hired our photographer, our florist, our planner (though she's just using her for day-of coordination) and she's copying a ton of my ideas. It's like she stalks my, centerpieces, pics, dress, you name it. And I'm worried cause she's getting married before me!

I have made a point to NOT talk ideas with her, but DANG! Get your own wedding!!

Any ideas on how to handle this!?

Re: Annoyed...vent!

  • Yea I'd trick her if I were you lol.
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    Haha, I like Gabriella's idea!   Just try to avoid telling her anything related to your wedding. It's hard not to share things with a friend, but it may be your best bet especially since your wedding is after hers and you don't want people thinking you copied her.
  • I would stop telling her any future ideas, and do what others are suggesting and feed her bad ideas haha. 
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  • I would stop telling her any ideas completely great start on that. But I agree and I would trick her tell her ideas that are complete opposite of what you want. Tell her you changed the colors and everything.
  • I may be mean but I'd start going on and on about super tacky details and horrible ideas just to see how much of it she copies. Then you can enjoy a hell of a laugh at her wedding! You can even set up a fake planning website so she can keep watching it for new "ideas". Everytime you see something you think is super ugly or totally against your wedding vision, post it!

    Or, you can be really mean and recommend vendors you absolutely hated!

    There are so many ideas out there to make each wedding unique. There's no reason for her to be copying your big day down to every last vendor and detail. I can see using the same photographer if you're in a small town and there are limited options but seriously??

    But then again, I may just be a little meanie :P

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