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Flower Question

So after finally scheduling conflicts and both having family problems I was able to schedule an appointment with my florist. I know most of you are already past this point since we are down to most of us about 3 months now. Is there anything I need to ask about? Any information I need to make sure to get? Any and all tips would be great! TIA

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    Will they deliver the flowers or do you need to pick them up?
    If they deliver them, is there a delivery fee?
    If they're providing fresh flowers for your cake, will they put them on upon delivering the flowers or do they expect someone else to do that?
    Will they provide vases for the centerpieces, or do you need to provide them?

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    Ditto PP.... and, ask the cost of specific flowers. I was completely blown away when they told me the cost of my bouquet if they did it the way I thought I wanted it -- over $800. They then said they could make it look exactly like the picture I had, just with some less expensive filler flowers instead of pricier flowers. 
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    I STILL haven't met with my florist so don't feel bad because I am more of a slacker than you! 
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    Ask if you can view the flowers the day prior to the wedding.
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    Thanks for asking this we are meeting with our florist tomorrow.
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    These are the questions I asked:

    Are you familiar with my ceremony and reception venues?

    What types of flowers do you suggest given my budget, colors, and time of year?

    How far in advance will you make my centerpieces & bouquets?

    Will you personally be the florist for our wedding?

    Will we be able to see a sample bouquet or centerpiece beforehand?- Do we have to pay for the sample?

    How many other weddings/events do you usually do on a weekend in May?

    What is the payment schedule?


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