May 2012 Weddings

I know this sounds bad but...

I made my list and now I'm checking it twice.  The list is way over what it needs to be so I'm going through my 1st round of cuts.  First on the list: The step-cousins, my dad and stepmom raised me but I have never been too close to her nieces & nephews.  They were always jerk faces to me and I haven't really seen or spoke to any of them in about 8-10 yrs.  Plus theres like 25 of them including their spouses.  So there we go!  Now my problem with this gets a bit sticky because I left two of those step-cousins on there because we still talk and see each other.  I know that none of the cousins would be bothered by not getting an invite because they don't consider me "family", but I'm wondering if I should just make it a clean cut with all the step-cousins.

Anyone else making any tough cuts?


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