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Invite mock up - PIP

So I finally ordered some sample cardstock to do a mock up of the pocket folds for my invites, and it came yesterday! I don't have my new printer set up yet so I couldn't do a test print of the actual invites, but I cut some colored cardstock to size to get an idea of how it will look (I used different colors so I could see the height difference, but they will all be the same print).

I knew I wanted to do a pocket fold invite, but when I was searching through invites, I really really loved the look of gate fold invites. So I decided I would combine the two and make them myself! I just did these quickly, so the cuts area little rough (I need to get a cutting mat and a metal ruler and circle), but I really like how they turned out! The belly band will actually be lime green floral lace ribbon (picture below), and I think I'll do the LOVE stamp in silver on bright purple cardstock to make it pop a little more.



And here is what the invite and insert cards will look like (the wording isn't final, I just put something together quickly to see how it would look). The purples will obviously match, but I did them at different times so they don't match right now, heh. One of the inserts will be a RSVP postcard - which is how I got the size of the invites - I used the smallest size postcard size that USPS will accept.

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