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Hi Ladies,

    I was wondering how many reception venues you all looked at before choosing the one, if you have chosen already.  Did you go on appointments first?  How many?  I'm going on appointments in December; I don't want to overwhelm myself, but I want to get it right!

Re: Venue Appointments

  • Before we started looking we weren't sure what we were looking for. Did we want a hotel, outdoors, country club, historic venue? So we decided to set up appointments for each that was of interest. We've only looked at one so far and loved it, but want to keep looking. We have three more appointments this weekend to go to. We want to narrow it down to top two venues and than compare specifics. A good friend of mine who is getting married next August toured two venues and fell in love with he second venue. She had a couple more appointments but she said the moment she walked in there she could see herself and her fiance getting married there. So I'm hoping I get that feeling too in the next few appointments. Good Luck!

  • We've only looked at one because it's the only one we found that we could afford.

    We went and looked at it today.
  • I looked at about 6..all over 2 days.  I didnt get overwhelmed, mostly because if we went to a place I wasnt in love with I didnt think about it twice, it got crossed off my list.  It came down to 2, and that was a bit hard.  I think its important to see them all close together, otherwise it would be harder to compare
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  • First time posting here. I'm happy to say we sent in our deposit for our venue this week. It's amazing really. I had my heart set on one place for years but they're now closed for renovations. I was devastated and after some time passed decided to start my search again for similar venues. I found a small handful of places, much to my surprise, that fit the bill. We toured two places and chose the second which was more affordable but still offered all the great features we wanted. Much like when you find your dress I think you just know. I can see my family on the dance floor and having dinner in the dining room so I knew it was perfect - no need to look any further. Laughing
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  • I think the biggest help was looking at your local wedding boards and asking the ladies on there what they reccomend. It helped me to cut out a lot of waste of time places. I looked at everything (literally 20 places) within my budget. I think knowing your budget first and your expectations for your wedding are necessary.Almost everything looks pretty when you're looking but after a few places I realized " No I don't like events happening at the same time, no I don't want my guests in a rec center, if this insnt included where is that money coming from?"  I say hunt and hunt until you find the one,  you'll know when you do
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  • I booked 10 appointments in one day because we are having our wedding in a different city from where we live.  I made sure there were some variations (hotels, ballrooms, etc.).  It helped that we narrowed down a rough vicinity so we weren't looking all over the place.  We narrowed it down to two venues after all the appointments and now in the process of signing a contract for one of them =)
  • We have four appointments after finals are done (in a 2 week span). Flying home to California for Christmas break. Hopefully we can decide after that...we want to book before the prices go up.

    If you know what you like the process will be easier. We've been engaged since August but have been looking online since then. Thankfully my FSIL gets married this May and gave us some ideas from appointments she had.
    Good luck!
  • We looked at very different 4 venues. I'm very glad that we looked at a variety of places because it completely changed what we had in mind! The only thing I found overwhelming was that we did all four appointments in less than 24 hours. It was a lot to take in, but we had to do it that way because our parents live out of town and we really wanted them to be a part of our venue decision. 
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