May 2012 Weddings

Wont be on much before Wednesday...

So were moving this weekend YAY!!!

Unfortunately its going to be an extremely busy weekend and though our new apartment has wireless internet, its really sucky internet so until wednesday I wont be online or doing much wedding planning....UGH

I feel behind enough already.

Sadly its just the two of us moving...a couple friends offered help but without a truck the furniture isnt going anywhere and we have to wait till tomorrow for the then all those who offered assistance will be working.

Then of course there are the friends that refuse to help us (even though we've jumped to help them on more then one occasion) but they still want us to go out tonight and are mad because we arent....that one really pisses me off.

Anyway, Im not gonna whine about it too much, we have our new home and Im very happy with it. Ill take some pics when we have it all set up and show you :)
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