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I Can't Move

Ok I seem to can't do another DIY project. I haven't finished my veil which would only take another hour. My invites haven't been touched. I still have the escort & place cards to do. The memorial candles, finish up the center pieces, the labels, the music cd's & their labels, aisle runner, find & buy my shoes, find a limo company, & the cake topper.
I seem to can't get it done & I go back to work thursday from being out of work for almost 4 months.
Has anyone else felt stuck??

Re: I Can't Move

  • It happens, it's okay!! :)
    Make a list of what needs to be done and by when. Space them apart so it seems less intimidating.. It's a lot easier to swallow "I have a week to burn cds and their labels" one job at a time then looking at it all like that!
    And solicit help if people have offered! :)

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  • I agree with PPs, it is so much easier when you have a list of things you ned to do.
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  • Thanks doing a list now.
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