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NWR - Just venting about a sick and crabby FI

Lol I swear that us girls like to be babied and let our FI's take care of us...but when mine's sick, he's a grouch who thinks he can do it all himself with no help needed...just figured it wasn't just mine lol
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Re: NWR - Just venting about a sick and crabby FI

  • Hey Kat don't complain Wink
    I'd rather have a leave me alone grouch then a "baby, I can't even move, can you do this, and this and this and oh yeah this please."  Even makes the pouty face.
    It's like he returns to his 3 yr old self again.


  • Ahh men are the worst when they are sick. Mine has a minor sore throat and says he feels like crap.
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  • I can't complain too much because I am also the biggest baby in the world when I am sick Tongue out
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  • I don't mind tending to a baby lol, but be grouchy and I'm like "go on with your bad self!' LOL
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  • Mines a complete baby when he's sick.. 
  • mines a grouchy when im we're kinda opposite...mine acts like hes 4 when hes sick "i cant get my own juice its all the way over there" "i dont wanna get up to go to the bathroom can you carry me?" hahahha yaaaah right mister...

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  • Mine is such a baby when he is sick. It's kind of pathetic watching him transform like that.
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  • Yeah guys always seem to be all macho and take care of everything but when they're sick  it's "mister hyde" time lol...FI is usually such a sweet outgoing guy...this weekend he's mister sicky poo poo (that's what I call him too lol)
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