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1st dress fitting! PIP

I had my first dress fitting on Saturday and I am so excited!!  I was a little worried about everything still fitting the way I remembered (holidays and all) but, it was just as beautiful as I pictured in my head.  We only have to change one small thing on the dress itself - the seamstress is going to take in the sides of the sweetheart top so they fit closer to my chest (they were looking like little wings before she pinned them back).  The rest is just my bustle!  She has a lot of work to do on that since I am having the front bustled as well so I can change into my flats without my dress dragging the floor but, it looks so pretty.  She was excited to try and make the front work like a bustle and we were both thrilled with how it turned out.  The final result will pull the hem up just a little more but, this is very close! 

It's all coming together now and I can't wait!  

Front View:

Back View:

Re: 1st dress fitting! PIP

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