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I don't even know if there is such a thing.  Neither of us like cake and want to do assorted desserts instead.   I was talking to someone that said we could probably get a fake cake (first 2 tiers would be foam covered in icing) and the second two tiers would be real (one for "cutting" and one for saving for the first anniversary). 
Anyone have an idea what I'm talking about or anyone who will do a cake like this????

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    When I visited my venue for the first time there was a fake one there and I touched it. I honestly wouldn't do it, but I LOVE cake and having a wedding cake wasn't negotiable for me. I also was asked by my boss if the whole thing was real and she was surprised when I told her that it was. Apparently a lot of people do this. If its not a big deal to you then go for it.

    I've also seen people do cakes as the centerpieces so each table has their own little cake. Maybe you can do a mini cake in the middle of the table and little pies or cookies or something.
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    A lot of people do fake cakes with just the layer for cutting and the layer for the anniversary. Then they have a sheet cake in the back which is what they cut and serve. If you don't want cake at all, then you wouldn't need to do this. However, if you do decide to have the sheet cakes in the back, most bakeries won't do it unless they made both the sheet cake AND the fake cake. They don't want someone else's "not as good as theirs" cake to be labeled as theirs. 

    Most bakeries will do a partially fake cake. Just ask around to bakeries that interest you. 
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    We are going to do a small 2 tier cake like this for the cutting and then have assorted desserts....def not big on cake but I still want one for tradition....
    We are going to have mini cheese cakes (yum!!) and an ice cream sundae bar :)
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