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Fresh/Fake Flowers

So since we were discussing flowers earlier it got me thinking on how to cut costs on them. So I was wondering are any of you ladies doing a mixture of fake and real flowers? I know most of them to throw are fake but what about the guys flowers? What made you decide on this? I really can't decide if I would like to do this.

For those of you who used ETSY for flowers who did you get them from and how did you like them. I know flowers will be sort of expensive and I would like to save a little money by potentialy getting some fake flowers for the guys and honored guests. Then do mine, all the girls and mothers and grandmothers in real. What do you ladies think? Any advice or ideas would be amazing!

Re: Fresh/Fake Flowers

  • I have heard that if you want fake flowers that look decent enough to not look fake, they cost just the same if not more than real flowers.

    Have you thought about doing Sam's flowers?  Check out their website, they have these wedding packages all ready arranged with bouquets, corsages, bouts, etc.  They are really reasonable and I almost thought I was going to have to go with them since my wedding is the day before Mother's day and flowers tend to be more expensive.  They come in all sorts of colors.

    I also LOVED this one seller on etsy that does dried wedding flowers.  I really wanted to use her but my SO nixed the dried flower idea.

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  • OH and for the guys, I have seen weddings where they didnt wear flowers at all, they had pocket squares instead.  That may be an idea!
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  • I used Etsy for the bouts, and they're super cute :)
    The seller is in my bio.. 
    And other than that I made my own bouquets with sils from hobby lobby, michaels, and
  • I was too nervous to mix cheap fake flowers with fresh flowers (in order to save money), so I'm using tissue paper pomanders instead of flowers in a lot of places. It's cheaper than fresh flowers (and, in my case, fake flowers), but the texture is different enough that it won't look odd.
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  • I got all my bouquets from hobby lobby, and pat catans :)  I think they look really nice...I love real flowers but all the flowers I wanted are heavy scented and with allergies etc I took that in mind besides cost....I got lucky though..I think all said and done I spent around $100
  • Check out fifty Or I got mine at budget and very happy with them.
  • Check out fifty Or I got mine at budget and very happy with them.
  • For decor I'm doing a mix of the bicolor orange roses and baby's breath from Costco with tissue paper flowers that I made. We're not trying to pass off the fake flowers as real- We're using patterned tape around the stem to make them look obviously handmade. 

    All bouquets, bouts, & corsages will be made with the real roses, though :)

  • I wanted to save money by not using a lot of real flowers either.  We are having real flowers for the bouquets, bouts, corsages, and 2 centerpieces for the ceremony.  The rest of the flowers are birch flowers I purchased off of etsy.  I'm not a huge fan of silks, and like PP said the high end silks are just as expensive as real flowers.

    I bought mine off etsy, but the seller has since moved to artfire: 

    I ordered 21 bouquets for my centerpieces - she gave me a $17 discount per bouquet for ordering so many.  While they weren't super cheap, but they were less than half the cost of a real flower bouquet and I don't think I'll have any problems selling them after the wedding (I've actually already had a girl ask me about buying them).

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