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wedding post poned:(

well we had planned for sept 2011 but because we already live together and have been together for a while we have decided we want to buy a house instead of sacrificing stuff for the wedding so i think we will post pone it until may hope to see you ladies later!!!
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Re: wedding post poned:(

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    me and FI decided the same thing but we dont live together but we still want to focus on the house right now since we have kids. Original date was 5/10/ 09
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    my fiance and i were almost going to do the same thing but then we got lucky with things and his parents are helping with our deposit on a home. right now we are renting and saving money and working 2 jobs each. we also put off our wedding until 2012 to save and we should be paid up within 6 months of the wedding and can start saving more for the house so we can lower our mortgage. good luck with home buying.
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