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Crazy weather!

The weather here is insane!  i don't know if anyone else is experiencing it, but it went from 82 degrees and sunny to a HUGE downpour with hail, thunder, and lightening, 56 degrees.  We couldn't let the kids out of school until 20 minutes later because of how bad it got.  It's been going strong now for an hour and a half!  This is crazy!
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Re: Crazy weather!

  • edited December 2011

    Nope, sunny and 89 here!

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  • LaFemmeRousseLaFemmeRousse member
    edited December 2011
    Holy cow, that is crazy!  I'm pretty far away from y'all, but it's about 75 and breezy here.  Hope it gets better soon!

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    We had storms last night, but none yet today. According to weather.com, it's currently 75 and cloudy in DC. I say according to b/c I have no idea what's going on outside since I have no windows near me. It's saying scattered t-storms after 7... crossing my fingers I don't run into them, and am home by 7. I wish I could go straight home...

    H- Hope that nasty weather doesn't make it down our way!
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    I'm not sure of the temps right now, but I was enjoying a lovely nap in the sun, when I kept hearing what sounded like thunder.  Couldn't be I thought, until I stood up and looked toward the front of my house and it was black.  About 5 minutes after I came in, it started to pour, lightning and thunder, and it's kept it up for about an hour.  FI lives about 45 mins away from me, and when I talked to him a little bit ago, it wasn't raining there yet.  Definitely crazy!
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