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Checking In

Hi ladies,

I've been MIA lately b/c I've had a LOT going on. I'm back though.

Update: FI has moved to the DC area. Last we spoke we were still long distance. He "up and moved" so I'm adjusting to seeing him every day and not once a week or every two.

My ex is still... yeah he's still... I don't have anything nice to say.

We got a new place and I'm having fun with him picking out decor and such for it. He's on the job search now but has an interview with a school tomorrow.

What else? Wedding planning has been stagnant b/c of everything else that was going on. All is well now...I had to take a week off work to deal and destress. I go back tomorrow and hope to be back posting more regularly again.

I missed you bunches!!

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