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we are postponing our honeymoon till november when we are going to disney world, I am excited for the trip.  We are coming home after the wedding and spending the week alone at home.  even though we are going to be home I want to make at least the first few days special, any thoughts?  My BFF and my DD are going to be spending the night before the wedding at our place and I am thinking that we could decorate the house with streamers and other decorations,  I'm also thinking of making a romantic bedroom and even having something prepared in the fridge for a midnight snack.  Of course we live right outside of Boston so there is plenty to do and see maybe we could play tourist and vists some of the sites we haven't been to in a long time.  what do you think??
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Re: honeymoon

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    That sounds so cute! We are both off for awhile after the wedding but FI's family will be in from Oregon (to Ohio where we live) for the wedding so we are sucking up the time with them :) We will do our actual honeymoon in June in Southern California for my cousin's wedding.

    I think your idea of a romantic bedroom, maybe a just married sign, and a midnight snack sound perfect!
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    That sounds like a fun time. Can you go to a Sox game that week? I want to go to a game a few days after our wedding. Playing tourist sounds liké a fun time or take a day trip to the Cape or NH. I like the idea of decorating so its romantic, maybe with some fresh new sheets and rose petals. I'd def put some snacks and a bottle of wine in the fridge. Get some candles too.
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    LOVE the idea! Super cute def think you should do it.
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    Sounds like a great idea!
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    We have tickets to a Sox game the day after our wedding...  I'm really looking forward to being newlynewlyweds out and about, without family around :)

    I think decorating the house would be adorable.. 

    Also, breakfast in bed!!  (and maybe lunch, and dinner, too! )
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    I like your idea of decorating the house, super cute! I also
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    Oops, pressed enter too soon! I was going to say that I also like PPs idea of breakfast in bed or a Sox game! :)
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