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So FI's brother in law's parents own a printing company, and they did our invites. They custom made ours and they were so pretty, but I felt like I was bothering the designer alittle much about wording, and had to fix quite a few typos. When I finally got the proof, I was so excited, read through it, and had FI read through it, and confirmed it for printing. When I got our 250 invites back, the FIRST thing I see is that "may" wasn't capitalized :( really wish I would have seen that before it went to print.Anyways, FI tired to make me feel better and said he didn't think people would notice, which is what I told myself to make me feel better that there was a typo on my invites.
So a week ago, because I am paranoid, we sent my parents their invite to make sure we had the right amount of postage. I called my mom today to see if she received it. The first thing she says after saying she got it was "isn't May supposed to be capitalized?"
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    That sucks and I know your going to worry about it. BUT if it makes you feel better my MOH misspelled my FI's last name on the shower invites. She also spelled it correctly when she addressed the invites to his family. This wouldn't be a big deal had I been able to see the proof before she sent out the invities. I understand how you feel but most people won't be as honest as your mom and most people won't care or even say anything to you.
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    Aw, I feel so bad for you cuz I know this would drive me crazy. The font was wrong on some of my RSVP cards and I was going nuts (it obviously does not match the invitation or the other RSVP cards). Try your best to let it go, at least it's not completely misspelled. It'll give your invites an extra oomph of character   :)
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    Personally, this would really, really bother me. Like, to the point I would have to have it fixed. 

    I'm sorry, I hope you're able to forget about it.

    Also, 250 invites is a heck of a lot. How many guests are you inviting?
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    This would bother me too, but I tend to be anal about this stuff, I doubt your guests will notice. Nobody noticed the wedding website address on our STDs.
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    I wouldn't worry about may not being capitlized. Pretend its intentional and that its a style choice! hahahah. We intentionally did not capitlize our names on our invites and have gotten both "I love your invites, they are so you guys" and my mom (an english teacher) said "Shouldn't your names start with caps?" In the long run people look at the style and at the info they need to know, I don't think even a day later people would rememeber if it was May or may.

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    This would really bother me so I understand where you are coming from. If it were me, I would try to work out something to say to your FIs brother in law's parents with your fiance and say something along the lines of "The invites are beautiful and I am so happy with how they've turned out! Silly me missed a typo during proofing and I'm really concerned about it. What are our options to fix it?" Maybe they will be able to give you a discount on reprints. 

    So sorry this happened to you! Good luck!
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    I understand why you're annoyed, & I'd be the same way! If it makes you feel any better, on our STDs, I forgot to put a comma in between Mason (the city) & Ohio. Nobody said a thing to me. So either they didn't notice, or didn't care to say anything. Either way, it made me feel better about the whole thing. I'm sure your mom is more critical than anyone else will be (at least that's how my mom would be). GL, I wouldn't sweat it too much :)

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