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question about slips

So I'm thinking I want to put a a slip under my dress to give it a little more volume. I was looking at the one from DB here:

My question is if I'm a street size 8, what size should I buy the slip? Also I'm short, talking 5'0 and only wearing 2" heels. Can I order this short or will it need to be hemed?

One more question: Do you think this will work with my dress?


Re: question about slips

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    I think that will work just fine with your dress and give you some nice volume, too! I tried the same one on with my dress and it was the same size as my dress. Has your gown been altered yet? If not, then wear it at alterations and they will alter the slip for you. HTH!
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    You can also as the people who are altering your dress if they can add layers of tulle to the bottom instead of wearing a slip and having to worry about the size, length, and adding another layer under your dress.

    That's what I'm going to do for a little more "poof" but without having to wear a slip!
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    My slip has a little volume making my dress a little more ball gowny but not too much. It was the same size as my dress.
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    My dress is not DB, but I just got a slip from there last weekend (as per recommendation from my alterations lady.. it made a HUGE difference and i love it!)... 
    The slip i got was a size larger than my street size. They said it should be snug aroudn your ribs, but not so tight that it's cutting in or splitting you up.

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    I purchased an A-line hoop skirt (three hoops) off of ebay, and it was in a petite size (I'm 4'10" and will have 3" heels).  I have to hike it up a tad higher than it should, but it works perfect with my dress.

    It was less than $25 with shipping!

    Good luck!
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