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I just wanted to give you an update on the bags. My FI's jeep crapped out two days ago and we've been trying to get it fixed = spare time has dried up. I promise to go today and then I'll send you a PayPal Invoice for the total due.


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  • Sounds good- no worries, my free time right now is also minimal, so I won't be putting these together until later in March or April (or maybe even the week of the wedding, ha!)  Bummer about the jeep, hope you can get it fixed without it costing too much!
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    ...I hope so too! He took it apart and then stripped a bolt on the head (like I know what that We took it to a dealer to have them pop the bolt since the FI thought it was just torked too tight...but nope, he stripped it....

    So now he has to either weld a nut on it so it can be renched out...OR...beat a smaller socket onto it (after heating with a blow torch) and then try to rench it out. Did I mention we're sharing a car now....ugh. lol. (sorry, didn't mean to unload all of that, lol.)

    I'll get to the postoffice soon...I've got to get stamps for our invites too! (I'm running a bit behind schedule)
  • I know nothing about cars, but those options don't sound ideal to me.  Any time you're taking a blow torch to your car sounds pretty bad...  I'll think good thoughts for you, that sounds really stressful!!  

    I'm not sending my invites out for another 2 weeks, so I don't think you're running too far behind schedule- though I'm sure you just want to cross that off your to-do list.  Good luck, and just keep me posted whenever :)
  • ...doesn't sound ideal to me either! lol. You should hear from me by today. thanks again.

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