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Dress Help - need your opinions!

Ok, so my dress STILL isn't in, but I want to start accessorizing it. I want to wear a veil for the ceremony (traditional church cermony) and take it off for the reception. I need veil suggestions for my dress - I'm really not sure what would go well with it and I trust your opinions. This is a picture of the back so you can get an idea. Ps for fear of someone seeing this post who is not supposed to, I'm going to delete the content later (lol).

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Re: Dress Help - need your opinions!

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    fingertip veil with a simple satin edging? 

    I have a fancyish dress so I have a fingertip veil with a simple lace edging to match my dress.

    IMHO that is enough to be a veil, enough to not detract from the awesome back of your dress, and I personally am all for the single tier just because I'm not doing the viel over my face bit.

    Good luck with the search- keep it simple you've got an awesome dress.
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    Gorgeous dress!  I agree, a simple waist length one tier veil should do the trick, maybe with some beading around the edge?
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    Gorgeous dress! I agree with PPs, an elbow length veil with some beading would look best.
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