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trouble picking bridal party (long story)

Hey! I hope everyone had a good weekend! We're almost through another month, it's almost February!! One month closer. :)

I need some advice. I'm having a lot of trouble picking my bridal party. In high school my two best friends and I always fantasized about being in each others' weddings...well, needless to say, college changed us. Or at least me.

I began realizing that they weren't really my best friends. We just depended on each other so that we weren't alone in high school. We never hung out after school and I haven't even been to their houses! But the last time we talked was when I got engaged (August 9, 2010) That hardly qualifies as being a best friend. It's not all their fault. I changed and I lost communication. I work two jobs to pay for our wedding and didn't have lots of time to keep in touch (especially with the 2 hour time difference). But when I came back for Christmas break one failed to mention to me she was leaving the country and I found out from facebook. The other canceled our dinner date to babysit for someone (which was sketchy considering facebook said otherwise). Anyways, you get the point. There is something wrong here.

Well I keep hearing from mutual friends that they keep talking about my wedding and how much fun it's going to be standing up there with me. Well, I just thought they would understand the predicament we're in. I was wrong to assume, but would think if you didn't talk for over 5 months that you aren't great friends anymore. I don't know how to break it to them that a) I won't be choosing them and b) that I've reconnected with my long lost twin (my ex best friend from high school) . There is so much girl drama here and I usually have 0 drama. I want to have my long lost twin up there with me but I'm afraid that would be one major stab in the back considering they hated what she did to me our sophomore year of high school. I've forgiven her because it was all guy drama (with an ex of mine) but I'm afraid to pick her because how people would perceive that. I'm not trying to stab them in the back.

So here we get to the conclusion. I would prefer my wedding party to be my younger sister as my MOH, and Stephen's sister and my ex best friend as my bridesmaids. That would keep it mostly in the family and that's easier to explain. Do I even invite those two girls that were my best friends to my wedding? Even if it will be over 3 years after high school?

I just need someone to help me sort this out and give me advice on what this looks like to someone unbiased. I hate being in this predicament. I wish I had a set of definite best friends but moving around all throughout my childhood and high school made it extremely hard. I envy those who knew the second they got engaged.

Thanks in advance ladies. Even if you just read it and have nothing to say, thanks for taking the time to read it.
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