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Missing relatives that have passed....

So all this wedding planning has made me miss my grandparents like crazy. I only have one grandma left (my dad's mom) and she's getting old and cranky, and i'm fairly certain she's not even convinced she's going to make it to my wedding in May (don't get me wrong, I love the lady but yeah she's at that point where she doesn't care what anyone thinks and just says what's on her mind.. which can kind of be insulting sometimes).

 My mom's mom passed away when I was 6 and i miss her terribly. We were really close, and she would have LOVED my FI. Before I knew my own phone number I knew my grandmas. My mom would find me on the phone when I was like 4 and thought i was talking to myself.. she picked up the phone and i was talking to my grandma. I miss her a lot and wish she could have been here. 

I never knew either of my grandfathers but from what I know of them, my dad's dad and FI would have gotten a long famously, they appear to have a lot in common and my mom's dad loved my dad, so consequently i'm sure he would have liked my FI as I see a lot of similarities between my FI and my dad. 

I guess this has just been making me really sad lately, and I wanted to share and see if anyone else here can relate.... 

Thanks guys! 
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