May 2012 Weddings

My Bridal Shower PIP and some Checks!!

My shower was yesterday! I had an amazing time....My girls held it at The Cheesecake Factory we had about 25 ladies come.

They had a whole day of activites planned for me...we begun the day with breakfast, then all the Bridesmaids took me to the spa where we had massages, pedicures and spent some time in the sauna. The then took me to get my make up done and we headed over to cheesecake. I ended up getting so much lingerie I don't have to shop at all for the honeymoon or awhile...I was so surprised with everyone's generosity

It was way more than I expected but I felt really special. Here are some pics...

My mom also bought her dress this weekend

My BM's bought their shoes

Purchased my hairpiece

And I bought FI's wedding day gift


Re: My Bridal Shower PIP and some Checks!!

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