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Questions about shower host gifts...

My first shower is next Saturday.  I don't know all the details, but I'm pretty positive that it is being held at my MOH's aunt's house.  She is, of course, invited to the wedding, along with her daughter, and my MOH's mom and grandmother.  To make a long story short, all of these ladies were a big part of my childhood growing up...I had sleepovers at their houses, etc.  I believe the main hostesses for the party are my MOH and her aunt, since it's at their house, but I think her cousin and her mom are also helping out with food.  I think my mom has also been involved.  So, my question is...who the heck do I give a gift to?  All 5 of them?  And what do I give?  I was thinking I'd give them all a bottle of wine.  When do I give the gifts?  At the end of the shower?  After the shower?  I really have no clue! lol

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    I got 3 gifts, one for the person who's house it was at, one for my bm who coordinated the games and cupcakes and stuff, and one to the gal who did the food. I didn't do one for my mom or the other gals that I know helped in more minor ways. And I got them little gift boxes of spices from a local spice .shop... Grilling ones for two of them and baking ones for the other.
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    I would get all 5 of them something, a bottle of wine is a great idea. As for when to give the gifts I think after the shower is fine, or a few days later should be fine as well, considering some bridal showers are surprises, the bride would not know to bring a gift for the host(s) as she won't even know she is going to her shower.
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    I would get all 5 of them something. A bottle of wine is a perfect gift. I gave my girls their gift after the shower. It's not something I thought should be done when guests weren't around.
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    I think a bottle of wine is a great idea.  At one shower, I gave it to them in front of the guests as I was thanking everyone for coming and then thanking the hosts.  At the second one, I gave it to them after the shower while we were cleaning up. 
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    My mom and her friends are hosting mine, and it's being held at one of the friends' house. I'm getting them each a bottle of wine, plus a bouquet of flowers for the lady whose house it's at. Hope that's enough lol.
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    I got mine a bouquet of flowers, a little heart shaped soap, a mug, and a small candle. 
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