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Need Advice!!

This will probably end up being long, sorry in advance!!!

So I have this 'friend' (let's call her T)who I have known for about 2 1/2 years. We met through work and became semi-good friends outside of work. I wouldn't call her a "best friend" by any means. T got engaged about a year and half ago and was married a few months ago. T had asked me to be in her wedding, which I was surprised by, because I didn't think we were that close. I said yes (despite the fact I don't really approve of her relationship her now hubby is a complete ass) to support her. Over the course of a year or so of her planning ,she completely changed, and I was not the only one to notice. But, I thought it might be because of the stress of planning a wedding (or dealing with her CrAZy mom). But she still has not gone back to "normal". She is a very unhappy person and cannot bring herself to be happy for other people. Her MOH got engaged 4 months after her and set her date for about a month after hers. It was like the world crashed down around her. T was very unhappy about it and if anyone at work asked the other girl about her wedding T got so upset about people talking about someone besides her. She even went as far as after our friend got engaged, (summer 2010) pulling my FI aside and telling him that "I would be so much happier with out engagement if he waited until NEXT summer at the earliest since it's SO much better to have the spotlight on just her".. FI was like yah okay... he knows me better than her of course. 4 months later he proposed and I didn't get so much as a congrats from her. I showed up at her wedding and supported her and was happy for her. I did my part as a BM. After the wedding I don't even feel like we are friends anymore. I only work one day a week with her now and when I see her there is maybe a hey how are you.
Now that you've gotten our wonderful background... my question is should I still invite her to my wedding? On one hand, I feel like I should invite her since she invited me and maybeeee we will become better friends again. But on the other hand I don't want someone there that isn't even happy for me and FI. I know I have a while for invited but I'm planning on sending STD's soon and don't know if I should send her one or not...

What do you girls think?
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