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and the fun begins....

I got three more RSVPs today, all yes!

Now for the fun part....

My response cards say: Please initial entree selection for each guest

Well a family of 5 on my FI's side just marked how many of each entree and not who wants what....ahh! I have three months to figure it out...but still!

Also, I thought there were only 4 people in this family (that's what FMIL's guest list said) so now I also need to find out who this "mystery guest"!!

I'm going to take it all in stride. With a guest list of 212, the responses are bound to get confusing. Be prepared ladies!

Re: and the fun begins....

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    Oh joy! This is one of the reasons we are having a buffet! I wanted the rvsp cards to be as simple as possible!

    If its all one family I wouldnt worry too much about who ordered what since they will be at the same table...if theres a waiter/server, the family will just be able to tell them (hopefully they will rememeber!) Not a big deal as long as its still one table I would imagine!

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    Ugh, I already KNOW I am going to have the same problem.  Maybe this is me being biatchy, but I'll probably just randomly assign the meals to people.  If they can't read/follow directions properly, they can't be upset with what meal they get!
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    I think it is definitely worth it to call and clarify. Yes people should read the directions but most do not. I would be pissed if I didn't get my choice of entree at a wedding.
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    I would also call & clarify. I'd ask who wants what as far as meals go, & who if bringing a date/who the mystery guest is. I am definitely prepared for some confusing RSVP cards but excited as well!
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