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Where does the flower girl go?

Where does she go after she drops her petals? What are my options? I'm not sure if I actually want her standing up front during the ceremony. She is 9.

Re: Where does the flower girl go?

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    She sits down with her mother or other guest.
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    Mine will sit after she's done.
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    Mine sat with her dad (her mom, my sister,  was my MOH).
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    At 9, she should be able to stand with your BM's. My daughter will be 5. She will be given the option to stand with us, but if she gets restless, there will be a seat next to my mom.
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    My flower girls will be 5 and 8 and I will likely have them sit with their parents after they are done.
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    I will be giving my f.girl the option.  I have never met her (she is my fiance's god daughter) and I don't know what she will be comfortable with.  However she has to be in a car for about 10 hours to get here, so I feel funny having her come all this way, and putting on her mom the the expense of the dress if all she is going to do is walk down the aisle and sit down. 

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    I think I'm going to have her stand in line with the bridesmaids. Her mom is a bridesmaid and she is almost as tall as her. Consequently I will have my ring bearer stand in line with the groomsmen. I like that look better than having a child standing in front of the adults on each side considering that they are both rather tall 9 year olds.
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    My flower girls are both 5 and I will have them sit with there parents. In your case she is a much older, I would have her stand with the rest of the bridesmaids if she is comfortable with it.
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