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NWR: Does anyone watch Teen Mom?

I just watched this week's episode on my DVR. In summary:

-Farrah has really grown on me. I feel awful for her.
-I always thought Amber was nuts, and this episode confirmed it.
-I'm sad for Catelynn and Tyler. I really hope they do graduate.
-Maci is still my favorite.

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Re: NWR: Does anyone watch Teen Mom?

  • I can't stand Amber and I am starting to feel bad for Farrah. 

    I personally don't think Catelynn and Tyler should be on the show. But that's just me.

    I will alwayyyss be Team Maci. I think she should have her own show haha. but I'm pretty sure Kyle breaks up with her next week :[
  • Maci is an amazing teen mom. I'm proud of both her and Ryan trying so hard to work this out.

    Amber is psycho. I really can't stand her. I feel bad for Gary when she abuses him. She needs anger management or something. Poor baby Leah should NOT be around that.

    I feel so bad for Farrah but I think she is doing the best she can. Sophia is adorable.

    I have always loved Catelynn and Tyler as adoption is something very close to my heart and I admire anybody who can think of their child before themselves. I just feel bad for them because of their family situation. :/
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  • The only thing that really bothers me about Farrah is the way she treats her parents. Yes, I understand her mom and her have issues. But still, shes your mother and she is offering to help. I feel like Farrah thinks she is too good for their help. Like, her attitude/voice totally changes if she calls her mom or sees her. It is immature. The counseling will be good for them, I hope.
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  • Hahahaha your recap is perfect.. I feel the same way, Farrah is growing on me... Amber is just not meant to be a parent, ever, but I do think Gary is an idiot  as well, Catelynn and Tyler are so adorable and I hope they can grow up and have a baby to keep some day, and Maci is still my favorite as well. :) Bentley is so handsome!
  • I love Bentley.

    Farrah has grown on me. She has grown up a little and I feel. She talks to Sophia just like her mom talks to her. Sophia is adorable btw.

    I'm team Maci all the way. Ryan is a jerk but I guess this new girllfriend makes him want to grow up a little.

    I love Catelynn and Tyler and I hope they both have promising futures. I hate the way Catelynn's mom treats her though.

    I cant stand Gary and Amber. I use to felll for Gary they way Amber treats him but then when he says dumb stuff and acts reallazy it irked me. I feel sorry for Leah for having crappy parents and having to live in filth.
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