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A benificial broken....

So my darling nephew, thought it was a good idea to pull on my glasses this morning, he does this from time to time, as one year olds do...however this time they broke....clean down the middle, and they are plastic frames so theres no fixing them. UGHHHH! So then instead of doing schoolwork..I have to go get my eyes checked so I can get a new presecription so I can get new glasses! Headache central (not to mention needing someone else to drive me since even tape wont hold the glasses together and theres no way I can drive blind.) However I did get a deal on glasses, so if they were going to go (they were 6 years old..), it was a good time. Also the lady at the vision center also gave me contacts for in the mean time (untill the glasses come in)...and she gave me some extras so that I have some for the wedding! YAY! now I dont have to go blind on my wedding day AND they were free!

And my shower is tomorrow, So it is kinda fun being able to show up with contacts instead of glasses :)

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