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Color change help

FI and I were playing around with save the dates last night (BTW is a great website for magnets and decently priced too! My friend used them and hers came out super cute!) and I put the colors we decided on (& he suggested).. Malibu blue from DB with red accents. FI asked while we didn't have any green as our color since it's his favorite color. I'm fine with changing it, but my question to you all is I really like the malibu blue so how would I put green in with it? I was thinking maybe malibu as the main color and light green & pink as the accents? I want a color that flowers normally come in so they are outrageously priced! But I also thought about doing malibu & light green accents and just using white flowers if the pink was too much. What do you girls think? I need some help deciding. Thanks!
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