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Engaged and wedding is may 2012...too early to start?

My wedding is in May 2012, is it too early to start things?  any suggestions on a time would be great and very much appreciated!

Re: Engaged and wedding is may 2012...too early to start?

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    Welcome to the board. The only planning I have started is we've set our budget and started looking at venues online. Also I've picked bridesmaids dresses. We are getting married in VA and live in IL so we are looking to visit some venues during winter break. I don't think its too early for you to start. 2010 is almost gone so no its not to early. Happy Planning!!
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    I got engaged in July and already booked my place, have a budget and ordered my dress....we have such an advantage! we can make sure we get everything we want with our time :)
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    I do not think it is too early to book venders however IMO it is far to early to get your wedding dress or decide on BM dresses only because styles change and your tastes may change also.
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    I agree with mandi, 100%.

    We have a church, reception venue, and photographer.
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    I don't think it's too early to start at all! I'm doing all of the planning myself and I've only been to a couple of weddings so I'm using this time to do a lot of research and find out what other brides I know have done in the past. I've gotten so many amazing books at my local library and I feel so much more prepared and less stressed out with this much time ahead of me. We're focusing on picking a venue (ceremony and reception at the same place) and a photographer right now.
    As far as choosing dresses is concerned, I think it really depends on what your theme/colors are. We both have very classy, simple, modern tastes and always have, so I don't think that is going to change. Our colors are also black and white, so it'll be hard to really find things in those colors that don't still look fabulous in 2012. I've browsed through SO many dresses both for myself and my bridesmaids and I am pretty set on what they should look like in general. All in all, it's your wedding! Don't jump for the first thing you find but if you've done your research and you are absolutely in LOVE with a certain dress, I say go for it. Who cares if it's in style, if you feel beautiful and confident in it, that's all that matters.
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    It is definitely not too early at all. Especially if you are like a lot of us, we are in school, and its great having the extra time to balance school and wedding planning! Start now! :)
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    I don't thinks its too early either to start planning.... Because its a big day in your life. I have started planning also however I have not done a ton. The things I have done is pick a place for the church and trying to find a place for the reception. We have started putting the guest list together and we are working on whos in the wedding party but I have to say that part is a little bit my fault because I have to many friends that I want to be in my bridal party and some people I don't want be in it but might have to.

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    i don't think it's too early to start. there are a lot of things i can't plan this far in advance. but i like having plenty of time to do this so it's not so stressful later.
    i'm probably one who has gone overboard with planning so far in advance.
    i have put a deposit on a dress. i have all my jewelry and shoes. i have a veil and headpiece. (it's all things that i know i won't regret or change my mind on. timeless)
    i've mapped out a preliminary guest list.
    i bought very simple but pretty invitations for $5 total for 50 invitations, envelopes, and response cards (not even joking). we're doing to print them ourselves.
    i have my bouqet, which is fake and perfect, and was super inexpensive.
    i have a wedding playlist with all our favorite romantic songs.
    i've found a ceremony site that i love, but have to wait until may 5 of 2011 to officially book it.
    i think i know where i want my reception, but also have other options if it doesn't pan out.
    i've know what i want my cake to look like, but don't have a baker yet. there's plenty of time for that.
    i have an officiant who is a family friend from way back.

    also have a wonderful photographer who is a close friend.

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    Its never to early to start! Im in May as well and im going around looking for dresses and venue. Its also a good idea to start saving up now, and look at what colors you want your theme to be. I knowthis saturday i have two dress appointments, and then on sunday i have a venue tour with my parents and fiance!
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    So far we've booked our venue (ceremony & reception). But I am not planning to do much more until the spring. I would love to go dress hunting but I'm trying to lose a few pounds first.
    I would say look for your venue(s) now and once you find the place, don't hesistate. The FI thought we could wait awhile but the date I chose means saving thousands of dollars so I overruled him lol.
    You should look around, do your research and decide on what you want but maybe wait awhile to put deposits down on anything but the sites.
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    Thanks for the well wishes, and happy planning to you too! :)
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    I feel like there are some many things to think about, lots of little head is already beginning to spin.  Where to start??? 

    signed already overwhelmed!
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    i dont think its to early either iam getting married may 2012 and i have started to plan starting to plan dont mean things will stayb as you say things may change in a week a month even a yr... but guess what do to the early planning you can do yhat wit no stress behind it cause you have time to resort things and change start now i did...
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    Hi I was just reading your post and I have the same date. I found a dress I know is perfect and I told the girls I didn't want to rush because I wanted to lose about 30 pounds. If you get a dress you have about a 2 size difference to work with. They said for every 15lbs it is about one dress size. So I was able to get the dress I wanted now and when I get it altered I am hoping to have lost the weight. Just thought I'd spread the word :) Danielle
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    As far as where to start, the checklist on this site is pretty will just need to make some adjustments to suit
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