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Really starting to think...

That not one of my bridesmaids gives 2 $hits about my wedding or helping me with anything..i call and email and text them...and i get no responses. today i  was a little aggitated because i was assured that they were sending me the money for their dresses...and its been 3 months since ive ordered and laid money out and they keep promising they are going to send the money and then never do.

i picked out thier necklaces which are 100 bucks each and their hair is another 100 per person which was my gift to them...not to mention that i paid 240 bucks extra for my MOHs dress which i gifted her as well. I was prepared to pay that for the girls which i think is MORE then generous. I DID not expect to have to lay out 200 bucks per girl for their dresses on top of jewelery and hair also and never get that money back for the dresses.

I am pissed off because to me its just...oh Donnas getting married who cares. 2 of them told my MOH that they really dont want to spend money on my shower of bachelorette party and called me ungrateful anyway.

This was all because they tried to plan a 3,000 dollar shower to which i said WTF! they were planning on throwing me this shower/bachelorette combo in November because it was at a place the one girl wanted to go and so she wouldnt have to pay for a hotel room when she came here. Ive told her over and over she could stay with me at the house but she absolutely refuses. They planned on kicking out my other 4 BMs if they didnt contribute to this expensive shower. It wound up being  500 bucks a person...which no one could afford. My MOH was freaking out about it calling me non stop to which i told her "Look...please done involve me." I told my MOH what i would like to do.... Spa and out dancing...and everyone just scoffed at the idea because it wasnt what "THEY" wanted to do. So i said...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont spend that sort of money on me just because its something you want to do for you. Not because i was being a b-tch...but because i didnt want people being excluded due to money.
I told my MOH to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

After that, the other 2 girls planning everything got their panties in a bunch...and havent spoken to me since...telling my best friend and MOH that i am an ungrateful bridezilla who doesnt deserve anything at that point.

I bend over backwards for both of them. I travel to see them on birthdays, holidays etc. ...even before i see family sometimes. They NEVER...come here. NEVER! and even when i got the limo for the wine tasting they bailed on me the night before.

I was so pissed off this morning because the one girl is leaving for Europe and low and behold....i STILL havent gotten a check for her deposit.
They are lucky i had an extra few hundred lying around to lay out for them. my MOHs dress has to be special made since she is "bigger" then the sizes that Bill Levkoff carries... so it was imperitive that the dresses were ordered by May...and here we are AUGUST...and i cant even get a response to a text or email.

I am getting so aggrivated because its getting to the point where i really could use the help. Yet when i ask them to please make arrangements if possible to come out and help me with stuff they promised...i get nothing but crickets chirping. Im like HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why offer and then bail. Do you even WANT to be in this wedding anymore.

I swear to god...which i usually dont....girlfriends and girl family members are the absolute worst b-tches to deal with...

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