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just postponed our wedding a year

My fiance and I just decided to postpone our wedding from May 2011 to May 2012 for money reasons.  I already have my dress purchased.  I have a rather large down payment on the venue and the dj and now I have to have everything pushed back a whole year.  It's so sweet that my fiance wants to make sure that we get have a nice wedding that I've always wanted but it sucks that we have to wait another year.  By postponing it though he doesn't have to stress out about us not being able to save enough and I get to have a bit bigger budget than I was originally working with.  Thanks for stopping by and hearing me vent a little.

Re: just postponed our wedding a year

  • aw, I'm sorry - I'm sure you were getting real excited, but like you said now you will be less stressed and have more money to have more things that you guys want at your wedding - or maybe some extra $$ for the honeymoon! :)

    What date in may are getting married?  Ours is May 19th!
  • We were also planning to get married in 2011, but due to money reason are moving it to May 2012 as well.  Money just seems to mess everything up.  But, like you all said, we are able to save more and have a bigger budet with less stress.
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    Aw I know that it must kind of stink to have to wait another year but it'll go by fast and having less stress is always a good thing! 

    I just picked our date, May 19th!!  I can't wait!

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  • I'm also going to wait until 2012 to get married. Same reasons-finances. But I feel less stressed, so I guess its for the best! Good luck planning!

  • we were also planning to get married in 2011 but i got pregnant and we want our daughter to be old enough to stay with her grandparents while we go on our honeymoon
  • I was also planning a 2011 wedding! In fact, my Dad is STILL pushing for us to go for an August/September 2011 wedding (he's more impatient then I am!), haha. But if we wait until May 2012 then we can use our 2012 tax return for the honeymoon, and any money before that can ALL go to the wedding, which will increase my budget by at least 5k. So that's an obvious reason why I want to push it out. The extra 8 or 9 months really wont bother me as much as not being able to do everything I have planned in my head Wink

    And like someone said above, we can all wait together!
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