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GAHH! I just need to vent!

I'm very frustrated with some of my bm.  Over a month ago I spoke with the owner of the place where we will be ordering the bm dresses.  Due to certain things and the designer she said just to be careful she would suggest ordering before Thanksgiving.

I spoke with the bm and let them know to order before the holiday.  They were all ok with it and understood it.  Even though with my luck the dresses would be in within three weeks, I still just wanted to make sure there would be no issues.  

Over a month has gone by, holiday has passed and I have one bm that ordered her dress.  Now I know I shouldn't make a big deal out of it....there is a little over five months to go, but I feel frustrated and upset.  I just don't know how to talk to them about it without feeling like I'm nagging them.

Phew I feel a little better getting that off my chest!

Re: GAHH! I just need to vent!

  • I normally don''t post but I completely understand. I gave my bridesmaids a 3months notice- The bridal salon told me that they had to order the bm dresses before  Thanksgving because it would take a good 14 weeks and the dress maker closes shop for a month in the winter. Everyone got their order in on time except my maid of honor. (Whole another story) I told her that I had the shop put the orders in (they were holding them till everybody's orders were in)and she would be charged a rush fee and now I'm not going to worry about it. 
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