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joining familes

Does anyone have any orginal ideas for combing familes in the ceremony?  We have three daughters.  My daughter is 16 and my husband to be has an 8 year old and a 12 year old. We both have full custody, so we truely are combining our families.  I know there is the sand ceremony....any other ideas???

Re: joining familes

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    I've never been to a ceremony that has this situation, but maybe like multiple candles if you prefer a candle ceremony. Or, I heard once of the children having a moment to say something in the ceremony - like their own vows to their new family.

    Good Luck!!
    Beka Lou
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    One idea I saw once was all three daughters were bridesmaids/jr. bridesmaids. And the parents each bought them a necklace.
    With their age, a necklace seems like the best idea, so they won't grow out of it-

    There are more on the site, I just like these, for $100.

    With your wedding date- the date that your family was made official, engraved on the back.

    It's tiffany, so as they grow it'll be more and more cool in terms of the vintage tiffany label, and remain something they'd wear into adult hood.

    Once the bride and groom had completed their vows, but before they exchanged rings,  the mother and father each gave their daughters a necklace, promising to love and respect the children.

    it was really simple, and sweet, and the girls will always have those necklaces.

    Another idea would be a charm bracelet, especially if you guys travel a lot... you can start with 2 charms- one for an interest each girl has, and one representing your wedding/family... and then add on to it as you grow as a family.

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