May 2012 Weddings

Piercings...take out or leave in?

I'm just curious if any of you have anything pierced that you are thinking of taking out for the wedding.  You obviously don't have to say anything if it's on your lady parts, haha

What are your plans for the big day?

I have my ears pierced, and I currently have a small stud in my nose, and I'm torn about whether or not I should take it out for the wedding.  It's really small, just a tiny hint of sparkle.  If I take it out, it will close up within a few hours, so I can't just take it out for the day and put it back in.  I only got it about a year and half ago, and I waited a REALLY long time before I worked up the nerve to get it done.  I love having my nose pierced, but if it were to close up, I don't know that I would get it again (it hurt! lol).
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