A "Warm Fuzzies" article

This was *my* santa claus too - we used to go see him every single year. I got warm fizzies reading about how he still dresses up and sits for hours for the kids, some 20 years later!

Re: A "Warm Fuzzies" article

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    Great story!
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    Oh my.  Such a sweet article.  I stopped believing when I was 7, which seems so young to me now.  I hope my kids believe for a long, long time. 

    I'm totally tearing up over this line:
    "You've been coming to see me a long time. I remember the first time you came to see me," he said. "Next year you probably won't come and see me anymore and that's okay. That's how life is. . . . But I want you to know that your best Christmases are before you, with your family and friends you haven't met yet."
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    KR, I must be uber-emotional right now, because I did too. I totally remember him saying the exact same thing to me. I was younger - maybe 8? But my big brother didn't believe anymore, so I guess he saw it coming. And even after I stopped believing in santa, I'd still go wait with my younger siblings every year, just to wave to him (I was totally too embarrased to go sit on his lap anymore, lol) and listen to the stories.

    He was a pretty kicka$$ santa, even when I did finally figure out that he was a horticulturist with his own local tv show :P (he's got a pretty distinctive "santa" voice that I could pick out, haha)
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