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Talk me down.

I worked night shift last night and I'm desperately trying to sleep before I have to go meet our organist at church. Our upstairs neighbors keeping pounding around, opening and closing their front door, running up and down the stairs. And this is all causing the dog to periodically go nuts. I'm about to run up there and bang on their front door and tell them exactly what I think of them.
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Re: Talk me down.

  • I would go up there and at least tell them they are making way too much noise for you to sleep. Or call the manager. (I'm assuming your in an apartment) Maybe put in some ear plugs?
  • I keep meaning to get ear plugs. Maybe this will finally be my motivation.
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  • I hear you! Our neighbors do the exact same thing, which in turn, causes our dog to bark &/or sleeping baby to wake up. It is SO annoying. I haven't gone over there yet because I'm kind of afraid of the guy. He is always screaming at his wife & kids so it kind of creeps me out. Our lease is up in May & I.can't.wait. :)
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  • The couple who lives above us is AWFUL at waking up on time, apparently. Their alarm started going off at 5am. They let it ring the full alarm each time (or close to) and hit "snooze" I assume. The dang alarm was going off EVERY 5 minutes until 7:30am. Just because you have to wake up (and don't) at 5am, does not mean the rest of our building wants to!
    Ugh, can't wait to have our own house.

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  • Ugh! I completely understand where you're coming from! I used to live below this woman who had a pre-teen son. Every friggin' morning at 6 am he would be jumping up and down! Right over my bedroom. He took into bouncing a baseball, riding a skateboard or something, and periodically yell out the window. I wanted to beat that kid so bad! Banging on the ceiling worked...sort of. If you know the neighbors, I would just go up to them and ask them nicely if they can keep it down. Then go get ear plugs. :)
  • I feel your pain! My upstairs neighbors play the guitar and rock band at all hours of the night. They will get home from the bar at 3:30 AM and will play for hours! I'm like seriously! You have to know people are sleeping! They kept me up until 2:30 last night :-( Thank goodness I will be moving into our house soon! Goodbye to apartment living!
  • Yea I learned that when confronting neighbors, expect the most immature people you can...they end up being louder after you say something. Ear plugs are my best friend ;)
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  • I would go up a advise them that you worked the night shift and require some sleep. If it continues, definitely contact the superintendant, landlord, manager who ever and file a formal  noise complaint... Document, document document! But aslo invest in the earplugs
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  • I agree, I'd skip the confrontation and file a formal complaint.  Good luck!
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  • I honestly think they've never lived on their own before and/or have never lived above someone before. They actually left right after I posted my OP, so it's been quiet. Thanks for the sympathies girls. Now who has good ear plug recommendations?
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  • Seriously, I use Mack's Safesound, and use one and lay on the other ear and tune out everything when I nap!
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  • The people that lived above us in our old apt building were so loud! I think people really don't realize how loud they actually are. I would either get ear plugs or if they won't kill you, ask them to keep it down.
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  • They could just be oblivious to the fact that someone is trying to sleep during the day. That was the case with one of our neighbors when I had some night shifts. Best bet, if you run into them again, mention the night shift thing or next time it happens just nicely ask them to stop - usually better to warn people to allow for self behavior change instead of causing a stink by going over their heads.
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