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Moving!! (finally) long story....

So FI and I are finally moving into our own place in a couple of weeks....

Here's the backstory:

FI and I met when I was still in college, he was living with a friend in Maine and working up there. He decided to go back to MA and work for his father's construction company about halfway through the year.

After college, I was going to move home with my parents, but he asked if I wanted to move in with him, at his Mom's house.....I said ok, since I figured it wouldn't be for too long.

Well, he had a dog, a pitbull, and she was staying with his Dad's girlfriend at the time, they broke up, and the dog was back in my FI's life. So...there we were, living at his Mom's with our amazing and loving dog, trying to look for an apartment, but no one would rent us a place because of the dog.

So....a few years went by and we made things work. It was hard living with his Mom, but we got into a routine that made it work. His Mom got married last April and now her husband was living there too....and things got VERY crowded.

About a year and a half ago, when we figured we would just buy a house and stay put at his Moms, we started a savings plan with my brother who is a financial advisor, and put lots of $ away to save for a down payment. The only thing was, we couldn't touch the money for at least a year after we started saving.

We lost our baby (dog) unexpectedly in the spring and so our search began again to maybe consider an apartment. The only problem was, we didnit' have a lot of $ since we had been putting it all away and couldn't touch what we had already saved. The rent around where I live for a 1 bedroom apartment is about $1200, so we were once again...stuck!

A few weeks ago, my FI's cousin, who is also one of my BM's bought a house with her husband, They had been living at her grandmother's in an in-law apartment in the basement. Well, they asked if we wanted to live there in the mean time, to get us out of FMIL's house for a bit while we continue to save/search for a house of our own...the bonus: it's only $600/month with EVERYTHING included.

We said YES and so we are moving there in a few weeks!!! I am so excited to FINALLY have our own space....some privacy...and a place to come home to after the honeymoon. Also, it will give us a chance to continue to save $ for a house!

Just wanted to share my story...I know that some might consider it weird that we lived with FMIL for so long, but it was complicated and it actually worked for us for a while.
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Re: Moving!! (finally) long story....

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