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Escort card opinions

So...I spent a lot of time making escort cards that I just love. They actually inspired my entire stationary concept. 

Well, FI and I decided to give our guests an option between beef and chicken for the reception dinner. Our venue would like us to note on the placecards who will have beef/chicken. They said this can be done simply with a small sticker or little gemstone decoration. No prob, right?

My mom is kind of freaking out about this, which has in turn, made me think about it. So here'st he issue: Escort cards contain a specific guest's name and his/her guest. So there are two people to one card. How do I specify who's eating what then? Now my mom is worried that people won't take their cards to their table (which I always thought people just kind of figured they were supposed to). She wants me to create a table card for each individual guest and place it at the table. When guests come in the reception room/foyer, they would find their seats according to a seating chart/sign. 

I'm not crazy about this idea, because I spent so much time making the escort cards--and now I have to make almost twice as many for each individual guest. Not too nuts about that. And I really want the cards displayed when guest's first walk's been part of my "vision" and I'm having a hard time changing it. What do you ladies think? 

Here's a pic of my cards. The names will be printed on a small, rectangular paper that the ribbon will be fed through. You probably can't see, but each card is covered in lace.
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Re: Escort card opinions

  • maybe you could put a gemstone under each persons name? Or, coordinate the ribbon colors to the dinner choice? We went to a wedding in Sept and our escort cards were a shell and I had navy blue ribbon which meant I got the filet and the light blue ribbon meant chicken... Just some thoughts!
  • I would just put multiple gemstones/stickers. If the waiters need clarification they'll ask. Most of the weddings I've been to the waiter has confirmed which entree you ordered at the table. 
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  • I was at a wedding last year where FI and I were on one escort card, and they had colored dots on the card to indicate meal choices.  They just put two dots on the card for the people who had guests.  Even when there was just one person, and one dot, the waitstaff still confirmed the meal choice, so I think it worked out just fine...

  • I've only ever seen escort cards with each persons name on them. Never seen both names on one card. I think a different gem or whatever would be just fine.
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  • I agree with PPs, just put 2 stickers/gems on each card next to each person's name.  I'm sure people will figure out that they are supposed to take their cards to their table, or if you are really worried about it you could make a sign that says something to the affect of "please take your card and take your seat".
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