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waiting game. (NWR) and question

Soo I applied for Unemployment yesterday...I NEVER wanted to do this, but bills need to be paid...

How long does it take to get the first check from unemployment? and how much do you get? I heard you dont get 100% of your income.. which sucks..cuz about 90% of my income pays my bills.. 

I also am basically forced to defer on some of my student loans..
now IF i do this, can i still make payments if i have the money? or is it shut off and just collects interest? 

Thanks ladies! 

Re: waiting game. (NWR) and question

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    I do know for sure its not going to be as much as you were getting paid while working. It's a certain percentage less, but I'm not sure how much less. When I was on unemployment, it just barely got me by. But it was something until I could find a job again. And if I remember right it was just a week or two before I got my unemployment. But that was back in 2010. It could be different now. Sorry about whats happening with you :( I know how hard it is. I've been there.
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    PP is correct it is just a percentage of what you made. I think the timing is different for each state. I know here your previous job can protest to you getting unemployment so that can take longer. I would look at the requirements for your state. As far as student loans go I have no idea. I think you can go back to making payments BUT I would check with them on that first.
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    Back in 2009, I received my 1st check within 2 weeks. It was not as much as salary but just enough to get by. I am sorry this is happening to you :-(
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    If you defer your students loans, you can still make payments if you can. You just don't have to. My undergrad student loans were deferred while I was in graduate school but I was still able to make payments on them.

    Unemployment sucks. My FI is an electrician and when he gets laid off, he has to collect unemployment. He's on week 3 of a month long lay off right now and we haven't seen a check from unemployment yet. But that's also because his old company is taking forever and a week to verify his employment. The amount you get is different in every state but in ours, it's not a percentage of whatever you made - it's a set amount based off of which income bracket you fall into. The most you can get here (even if you were in the highest income bracket) is something like $330 a week.
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    I think the best thing to do is call your student loan lender and ask about deferment and what that actually means for your loans. Not all lenders are the same so it is best you talk to them directly.

    I am so sorry, I hope things look up for you soon!
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    So sorry this is happening. When I was on unemployment (a year ago, and twice), it took a few weeks before I saw a check, plus I recieved less than half what I was making. It was barely enough to get by. As for your student loans, call your lenders, as pp said, they are not all the same. From what I understood Sallie Mae to tell me, forbarence isn't neccessarily a good thng. Once you start paying again, your interest rate goes up and payments could be higher as well. I would call and find out what you can do. They will work with you.

    Good luck and keep your head up!
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