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* Started Pre-Marital Counselling last night :)

So we started our 3 week 'course' last night with our pastor and his wife (6-8pm every Sunday for 3 weeks)

It was fun! We met cool couples and it was more laid back and relaxed that we'd anticipated. Our pastor and his wife are very comforting and casual so it makes it easier for us all to open up and share.

Part of it was talking about keeping a covenant with God by abstaining from sex (buzz word!) until we're married...luckily for us that's just 2 months and a week away. We'd talked about it, but last night we had a last good conversation about it and have decided that until we're married on May 5 we'll sleep in separate rooms (to make it easier) and wait until we're married to 'do the deed' :) I know it'll be hard and I miss him being there, but it'll make us stronger, together and with God, and have an even more special wedding that the wedding night isn't just another night for us, if that makes sense. (No judgment to anyone doing something different, this is just what we decided for us)

Anyone else enjoying PMC??
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Re: * Started Pre-Marital Counselling last night :)

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    Our church has a one day workshop course that comes with "date night" dvds and materials so that you can take home and work through.  It has important topics (like financial management, conflict resolution, intimacy discussionns, etc) that will help build your relationship. We've been doing that for one day each week since January.

    We haven't made plans with the pastor yet. I'm excited about it though! He's been really supportive of us since we first met (at church) and is happy to do our wedding.

    I actually made that convenant when I was in highschool, so my FI has had no choice but to go along with it lol. It's a little rough for him, but he's been very supportive. We'll see if we have to do the separate room thing also when I move into his house in April.
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    I'm glad you had a positive experience!
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    We start in March! I'm looking forward to it since I have my master's in counseling (but not licensed) this kind of stuff interests me! =o) ...tell me how that makes you feeeeeel haha
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    that's awesome!  we start ours on March 9th.  we're watching the Song of Solomon series of videos and talking over skype to his uncle (who's marrying us).  he's a deacon at his church and does the marriage counseling all the time, so i'm pretty excited to get it started.

    we made the promise to each other and to God after a turning point i went through around Thanksgiving 2010.  it's been rough, and we're not perfect, but being long distance helps :-P  plus FI is SUPER supportive.  i'm moving in with him the week before our wedding and i've decided to spend as little time alone at our new apartment before the wedding as possible.  we'll be staying in separate rooms at his parents house in the town where we're getting married.... then on may 5th IT'S ON!!  hahaha
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    That's exciting. I can't wait to start ours.
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    We just finished our pre-marital counseling! We had 12 sessions that we did every other week until it was finished. So we did ours for a while. We both absolutely loved it! We did it through the church, but not with our pastor. Our church has its own "psychologist"/"counseler" so that's who we saw & he was great! We learned so much & he gave us a lot of advice & words of wisdom! Have fun with yours!
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