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YAY and AHHH! lol

had a GREAT time last night at the Bachelorette party!! I will post pictures later.. mad cuz as you ladies already know that i have  a change in priest...NOW i FINALLY got a hold of our organist for the she is leaving and i have to find another one now!

this church is DRIVING ME UP A FREAKING WALL!!!!

Re: YAY and AHHH! lol

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    I know how you feel. I am having so many issues w/ my church. But hang in there, we are so close to our big day!
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    That's great about the bachelorette party! I'm sorry you're going through hoops with the church, I've heard similar stories about churches from others. Hang in there!
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    Glad you had a great time at your bachelorette!

    I am so sorry your church is so wishy washy with employers. I am sure you will find a new one :)
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    Can I just say I hear you on churches... we turned our paperwork in 2 months ago to be forwarded to where we are getting married (who needs it more than a month in advance).

    Friday I called them and they hadn't sent it in...because I "have time"

    And I still don't have music at all yet for the ceremony.

    Good luck to you... hopefully the new priest/music is even better.
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