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Long Vent ...frustrated.

We are very close to sending out invitations. On the phone yesterday I was talking to my mom about the addresses for my FI side and told her that my FMIL apologized for inviting about 10 more people than my side. Well my mom got bitter and said good she better have. I was so taken back by it. First all, my FI has a huge family so inviting 85 people on his side is small compared to the 200 he could invite. On my side we invited 75, so honestly it's not that big of difference. Secondly, we sent out save the date cards a while ago and she knew how many we were inviting.  She told me that she expected only 120 people to be be invited not 180. So that means she would have left 45 people from his side and all my friends to be invited, to me that doesn't seem right.  My mom is paying for the whole wedding so I understand he issue but if she had a problem with it she she have told me before not 2 months before the wedding.

Also I want my nephew and my FI newphew to be in the wedding. My mom is making a huge ordeal about it. She say they are unpredictable which is true but I don't really are cute. Then she said she didn't want them the steal the show from me which is not going to happen. I think she is upset that my FI nephew is going to be in the wedding because is to supposdly to young, 2 yrs old and seems to not like my FI side. To me it seems that she wants the wedding to be all about me and my side of the family but in the end it is about two families coming together.

I am sorry for the long vent about my mom but it's just so frustrating and I don't know who else to tell. Thanks for listening. 
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Re: Long Vent ...frustrated.

  • Your mom sounds a lot like my mom :/ Unfortunately, no great advice other than don't let her get you down.
  • Agree with PP. Also 2 is not to young for a wedding we have a RB who will be like 1 1/2 at the time of the wedding. He is not our main RB but still a part of the day. Just try to relax and not let it get to you. Sorry!
  • I am sorry your mom is being so difficult, maybe the cost of the wedding is stressing her out?I wouldn't worry about the nephews... I mean if you and your FI are okay with it, your mom should be.
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