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* Accountability post - Weds...been quiet in here lately

This week is actually moving by fast! Thank goodness!

newbies: we post here each day to track our diet and fitness leading up to the big day!

D - Chinese buffet (corny but our favorite.. and the only thing open at 9pm when we get off of work for valentine's dinner) + fro yo

B - fruit bar + 1/2 cookie & protein shake

Workout - Insanity after work, came in early
L - baby spinach salad w/feta and turkey
S - nectarine, greek yogurt, sf jello pudding
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Re: * Accountability post - Weds...been quiet in here lately

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    S: dried apple slices
    D: salad, filet mignon, roasted potatoes, green beans then FI & I shared our desserts... 1/2 red velvet whoopie pie & 1/2 truffles w/ strawberries (SO good!)

    B: Nature Valley protein bar, coffee
    L: spinach salad w/ pesto chicken, feta & veggies
    To Do
    D: roasted chicken w/ sweet potato & veggies
    W/O: jumping jacks, crunches & push ups
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    B: two pieces of whole wheat toast and natural peanut butter
    L: jimmy john's beach club unwich with no mayo
    My fiance sent the big box of chocolate with me to work so we (well, he) wouldn't eat all of them, yet I seem to be the one eating the most... c'mon people!

    To Do:
    D: I promised FI I'd make him his favorite food for Vday (lasagna) but this is the last splurge of the week!
    W/O: hard Insanity (haven't done it yet so I'm nervous... FI has and said the warm up is harder than any of the other workouts we've done)
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