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What next?

Ok so here is where i am thus far with the wedding stuff:

Venue and ceremony locations booked and paid in full
Florist booked- paid in full (owe tax)
DJ booked- paid in full
Decor- paid in full
Dress ordered- Arriving Feb. 2012- paid
Vail- Arriving Feb. 2012- half paid
Favors- currently the wine is aging that we made for favors. I still need to do the labels for them but that probably will not get done for some time since my bridemaid making them is too busy right now.
Candy table- jars are bought. Candy bar sign made. Just needs candy
Shoes- bought
hairpiece bought
undergarments bought
STDs out- engagement shoot done
Videographer booked and paid in full
Invitiations- friend is working on them currently
Registries- 1 completed. have not started a second one
Guestbook, sand ceremony bought
Wedding jewlery bought
Bridemaids gifts bought
OOT bag materials bought
White lights and tulle bought
BM dresses ordered
Flower girl fitting and sizing is this saturday.
MOB and FMIL both have their dresses.

So all i can think of that still has to get done is a cake toppper at this point. LOL
Cake is being supplied by the venue. Food and menu stuff i dont need to do until February they say and also my DJ appointment to set the song list isnt due to be done until a month or 2 before the wedding.

How is it that i still feel incredibly overwhelmed with things to do?
i still have to make tulle bows and finish the candy table ribbon but other then that i think this next 5 months is going to be boring for me.

So what should i be doing next????

Re: What next?

  • Schedule out the day?  Go through the day in your head as if you were a guest to see if you missed anything?  Those are my 2 big worries now.
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  • Yea I've been doing that and i wanted to get something down on paper too just to give me piece of mind. Otherwise I'll lose my mind. Everyone is getting really needy like my mom and a few BMs like I have to hold their hands and cater to them that day. I'm not trying to deal with that lol!
  • Scheduling the day has been my biggest worry at this point. I almost wish I had less done so there was more stuff to concentrate on - and less petty details to worry about!
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  • WOW!!! you are so far ahead of me. I keep putting things off, saying oh I will wait until January because of Christmas and New Years. OMG, Now I am feeling behind!!
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: What next?</a>:
    [QUOTE]WOW!!! you are so far ahead of me. I keep putting things off, saying oh I will wait until January because of Christmas and New Years. OMG, Now I am feeling behind!!
    Posted by candice245[/QUOTE]

    <div>Yikes! Me too! </div><div>
    </div><div>OP, I agree with PPs, start working on your day of timeline.</div>
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  • Wow! Great job! I feel like I am behind now too after reading all your checks :)
  • What about hair and makeup trials?
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