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...outfit(s) for boudoir pictures! I am allowed to wear two outfits & I can't figure out what to wear! For the first one, I'm going to wear either one of my FI's dress shirts, or his Dallas Cowboys football jersey. And for the second one, I don't know what to wear! I would love some inspiration/ideas! Thanks!

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    I'm not doing boudoir pictures but I think the jersey would be SUPER cute! And then I think doing something girly and flirty would be really cute. Like doing lingerie a teddy or something just sexy and fun.
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    I love the jersey idea! Is there a fantasy outfit your FI would love... policewoman, french maid...?
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    Saw a cute pic of a girl wearing her FI's white dress shirt unbuttoned with a really cute and sexy bra peeking out.  It was sexy without being too much.
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    I was also thinking about doing one of FI shirts... My photographer told me I'll have time for 4 outfits though so I have to think of more options! I bought a cute white bikini for our wedding vacation (Destination wedding) and I was thinking of doing a couple of my Boudoir photos with the swim suit and some big fancy sunglasses. I also bought a pair of super high sparkly stiletto heels for the photos and I plan to just get a really pretty white bra and undies set from VS. I love hearing everyone's other ideas too though :)
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    I'm going to play up my boobs since I've been more than blessed there and try to cover up my less than awesome mid section. 

    I'm planning the big shirt and push up bra look, except it will be one of FI's flannel shirts (he's not a dress shirt guy - he's more an outdoors man). Then I was thinking either a corset/garter/stocking look or a baby doll. 

    I would think of your best asset or your FI's favorite and play that up for your second outfit. 
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    I had mine taken in November.  I had more than 2 outfits!  I wore these heels for most of them:

    My first: Sexy apron type thing from VS & heels

    Second: bra, panties, garter belt, & thigh highs (bra from VS, the rest from Fredericks)

    Third: Just put a corset on over outfit #2 (also from Fredericks)

    Fourth: Just one of FI's dress shirts & one of his ties

    Have fun with it!  I am sooo happy I did it, I was on the fence about doing it at first.  The photos turned out amazing, I know they are meant for FI's eyes only but a small part of me wishes I could share them!  I did show 2 of my close friends, but that was about it.
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    I wore 3 outfits:
    #1 "Bridal look" -- I didn't want to wear white/ivory, so instead I wore a colbolt blue babydoll, then I used my veil as a prop. I wore my bridal shoes and pearls with this look

    #2 I wore a fun corset. It was light pink with small hot pink pok-a-dots. I wore thigh-highs/garters and heels with this look along with some major dangle earrings. I also played around with a fadora and other little fun things with this.

    #3 I wore black boyshorts with had a deep "v" in the butt with corset lacing anda bow. I did a few things with this look. I wore a tone of pearls of varying lengths with this look. also did an "in the sheets look" with this too.

    I put looks together by looking a different boudoir photog's portfolios...
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