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memoiral day weekend wedding?

My fiance and I are so close to picking our wedding date. One of our options at the venue we love is the saturday of memorial day weekend. we will have a lot of guests traveling from out of town and think that doing it the holiday weekend would give them an extra day to travel that most will already have that monday off of work/school.

we are still iffy though because many wedding planning sites say to avoid holiday weekends because people wont want  to take an extra day off on top of the one they are already given, traveling is more expensive, etc.

not too sure what to do!! any thoughts/opionions on this?? thanks!!

Re: memoiral day weekend wedding?

  • Go for it. If you are really concerned about pricing for the weekend, call a few hotels and see if there is a price difference. Or research gas/airplane prices. 

    I see nothing wrong with a Saturday wedding on Memorial Day weekend. There is a girl on my local getting married that weekend in '11 and I have an IRL friend doing the same.
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  • Thats the same date we picked!!! lol I don't see a problem with it!Sealed It shouldn't make a big difference. People usually have a 3 or 4 day weekend for Memorial Day so thats an advantage!
  • Goodness, we might have the same wedding date! I posted previously on this board about this - a few posts down, Scheduling Around Memorial Day. Lots of good advice there, mostly saying that it'll be fine, though hotel/travelling prices might be a bit higher because of the holiday weekend.

    I think we're going to go for it! And just make sure we send out very early STDs. ^_^
  • Is memorial day the May long weekend in the US?  In Canada, it's Victoria day, which falls on May 21st in 2011.  Our tentative date is May 20th (the Sunday) to allow out of town friends and family to come without having to take time off work.  I was talking to a lady who got married on the September long weekend for much the same reason and said that it worked out really well.  I say go for it!
  • we booked ours on that Sunday. Pricing was super cheap at our venue, have to check hotels pricing but we booked atlantis aquarium in riverhead long island and the venue has a hotel on premises which is nice.
  • The only reason I didn't pick that say is because my future sister in law just had her wedding on labor day this year, and about 1/3 of her guests didn't come because they were busy, even though she sent out STD's a year in advance!
  • I just booked the Sunday before Memorial Day. Sunday means a huge costs savings and because it's a holiday weekend, most people will be off on Monday and won't mind partying with us anyways.

    That said you do run risks but I think you have to know your guests. Personally for my family, and most of the people I know and would invite, Memorial Day is little more than a day off work spent grilling at home. Most people I know don't make special plans for that weekend so I don't think they'll mind it at all. We will send out STDs and be careful to invite enough to fill in for those inevitable regrets.
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  • We're actually getting married on Memorial Day - the Monday! We're having a huge cookout the Sunday before and having a brekfast reception, super duper cheap! Monday wedding -discount! Mimosas only for liquor- discount!
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  • I'm getting married on the 26th...

    Ours is a destination wedding, so that people have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery!
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