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Day after wedding brunch

Hi all - 

My FI and I are paying for our wedding and are thinking of skipping the day after brunch because I just don't think we can afford it. Do you think that's really tacky? Or does anyone have any cheap alternatives as ideas?

Re: Day after wedding brunch

  • We aren't even doing a formal brunch (so no, I don't think it would be tacky). I think we'll go to a brunch-type meal with my parents and anyone else who would like to join us, but everyone would be paying for themselves (which is why it's not a formal innvitation).
  • No I don't think that's tacky at all. I didn't know that a day after brunch was required.
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  • We're not doing one at all.  We're spending the day relaxing.  I don't think it's required, it's just a nice gesture.  We honestly just can't afford it.
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    If we do a morning after the wedding brunch, people will be paying for it themselves.

    We aren't going to do a formal invite or anything but we'll spread the word about where/what time we are thinking about going and if people want to come they can come.

    I've been to a few day after wedding brunches and I've always paid for myself.

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  • I don't think it's tacky at all to skip it!
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  • Thanks ladies that's very helpful. 
  • Yeah, I've never heard of a day after wedding anything. People usually go home, do something in the city, etc.

    We're actually leaving town and going to a hotel close to the cruise port, so we can spend Sunday relaxiing instead of worrying about traveling.
  • I will be having cereal and waffles at my hotel breakfast the day after with the guests that stayed. =o) It's whatever you want to do!
  • Agreed with all the other ladies. I have heard of the brunch but it's not common. If you want to skip by all means I doubt anyone will miss it. Or you can have guests pay for themself. We are leaving first thing in the morning to go on our honeymoon so we will not see any of our guests after we leave the reception.
  • Thanks again - I guess every wedding I've ever been to has had one so it feels weird to me. But we will all be in the hotel maybe we just don't do a formal thing but if people show up at the hotel brunch to say goodbye that could work and they could pay for themselves. 
  • We are doing a day after brunch, mostly because this a DW and everyone will be at the hotel anyway and will need to eat. It's a way for us to thank them for coming, plus it will be Mother's Day. We aren't going overboard, but it will be a little more than continental (ie- eggs, bacon, etc). It's certainly not required to do one.
  • I've never been to a wedding with a day-after brunch.  I wouldn't worry about it =]
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  • we blocked rooms at hotels with free breakfast and we're just letting our guests fend for themselves!  haha  :-P
  • We are having a BBQ since its memorial day
  • My parents are hosing a small lunch for the gift opening the next day, only because it's a tradition on my mom's side to do the gift opening. We're just inviting family, the WP and OOT guests though. Can't fit 200 people in my parents house! :)
  • Not at all! I have never seen this to be something the bride and groom are required to do, what if they left straight from the reception to go on their HM? They wouldn't be around the next day anyway.
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  • I've only ever been to one wedding that had a day after brunch where we didn't pay for ourselves. And I think it's only because it was included with the venue.
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  • We aren't doing a brunch. Our hotel has an amazing Sunday all you can brunch. They have everything and its all made to order. FI and I get it for free since our reception is at the same hotel. I can't wait! Hopefully it will be a relaxing brunch with my new husband.
  • Totally not a requirement. Skip it if you want. Have a pay your way brunch if you want. 

    We have a Friday night ceremony and are being public with our plans for Saturday (brunch at a cool resturant, shopping in the city, hitting the museum, visiting the neat really historical bar, going to dinner at one of our favorite resturants in the city) so that anyone who wants to can join us, otherwise they have Saturday in a really lovely city to do whatever makes them happy. We're not hosting any of the day after events (i.e. not paying for them) but we are making reservations for as many people as tell us ahead of time want to come with us for any or all of our stops. 

  • Great stuff ladies! I love the idea of doing fun things around the city and letting people know they can join (and pay) if they want to. Fun!
  • Our wedding is out of town, and we are staying there a couple nights after the wedding, but most (95%) of our gests will be travelling back home by the next morning, We are not doing a brunch, but will probably go hang out with my mom's family that does live up there...they often have 'communal meals' and we might invite FI's parents to come down, but it wont be a "brunch for wedding guests" by any means.

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  • I didn't even know it was a requirement. The Sunday after the wedding we are going to church & whomever wants to join us can. When it's time to eat they will be paying for their own plate we are then leaving for our honeymoon. We paid enough for the wedding.
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